Eat This!

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Have you ever wondered why the most successful restaurants survive in a sea of rough competition? What makes them better? What is it that keeps them busy year after year? What lessons can you learn from the best of the best in an industry with an over 80% failure rate? Eat This! Observations of Successful Restaurateurs – 89 Stories That Will Change the Way You Think About Your Business…

Every service business objective should be focused on wowing your customers with passion woven throughout with detailed consistency . It has always amazed me when one restaurant is packed and the establishment literally next door is empty. What is it that drives people through their doors? Is it the food, the staff, location, décor, a different brand of hospitality or is it their passion? The Hospitality Industry is about showmanship and to be perfectly frank, can be done with a little shack that sells hotdogs named after celebrities or a 3-star Michelin chef focused establishment. It all comes down to being different and giving your customers a reason to come back and to talk about you. After opening the doors to your establishment the real work begins and within this book are numerous examples of Foodservice Operators and outstanding personnel who make a difference everyday to their customers, staff, the industry and ultimately their friends and family.

Almost all the stories within this book are written about the Hospitality Industry, however there are a few stories peppered throughout this book that are not. These stories will open your eyes to the way all successful service businesses operate irrelevant of what business sector you find yourself working in. Be different, be bold and give customers what they don t know they want yet. Find the best people you can to work for you. Give them the direction and the tools they need. Give them critical and timely feedback and then get the heck out of the way.

Don’t settle for ordinary, the successful operators and businesses would never think of it.


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